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Community Partners

Akron HOPE

The Akron HOPE program provides resources for students at Mason CLC to succeed academically and emotionally and provides opportunities to connect families to stable housing, livable-waged jobs and each other.


The Vincent House

The Vincent House is a strategic Middlebury ministry dedicated to seeing neighborhood transformation through student and family support.



Neighborhood Network

Neighborhood Network (NN) is a program of Habitat for Humanity of Summit County. It focuses on revitalizing the Middlebury and University Park neighborhoods in Akron, Ohio, by strengthening and connecting our assets, listening to our neighbors and advocating for equitable action that will improve the quality of life for all people who live in, work in or visit our communities.


First Congregational Church of Akron

The First Congregational Church of Akron provides support to Mason CLC staff, students and families, including weekly food bags for families.

The Chapel

The Chapel supports Mason CLC staff, students and families with a focus on need identification and fulfillment

Energy Harbor




The Well

The Well CDC invests in people through the built environment. It wseeks a holistic approach to address systemic issues in order to improve this quality of life within the Middlebury neighborhood by fostering choice in housing, job creation and community pride.